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Below are Afterparty services that we can provide. Please note that you can combine different instruments to create your own lineup of musicians. Prices will vary depending on the instruments you select. Please contact us for more information on pricing.
DJ Spinning


If you want to keep the party going, adding a personal DJ to live mix throughout your afterparty is the way to go. Submit a playlist of music requests to ensure that you hear the music you want to, or let our DJ read your crowd in the moment. 

Man Playing Saxophone


To make that Afterparty even more unforgettable, you can add a Sax player to go along with your DJ or DJ playlist. This option is not available on its own, and must be accompanied be either a DJ, or DJ Playlist. 

DJ Headphones

DJ Playlist

Create a customized DJ Playlist that we play during your Afterparty. This is a great option for those looking for a more laid-back option, or if they add Sax, can still keep the party going! DJ Playlists can of course still be fun, but it will be a set list of music and NOT mixed in real time like a DJ. 


Please reach out to us if you are interested in learning more about Audio Riot, pricing, packages available and more.

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